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The Office of the County Recorder is the Legal Custodian for all records affecting REAL PROPERTY existing within the political boundaries of Lac qui Parle County; for most tax lien documents affecting our County residents; and for maintaining the databases thereof.  We are the legal custodian for Lac qui Parle County: Marriage records; Military Discharge records; resident Notary Public Commission filings; and for Ordination/Minister Credential filings.  We also accept application requests for certified copies of MN State Birth and Death records.  The Office formerly provided UCC document filing as a Satellite Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (through November 28, 2014 **details below**).  Please phone, fax, email, or visit us with any requests and we will find the best way to accommodate your needs.  Please note we are able to accept cash, check and CREDIT CARD payments (see details below).


Lac qui Parle County Recorder’s Office         Lac qui Parle County

                                                                              Recorder’s Office

Joshuah Amland          Julie Wollschlager        600 - 6th Street, Suite #4

County  Recorder         Deputy  Recorder         Madison, MN 56256

                                                                              320-598-3724 phone

recorder@lqpco.com                                             320-598-3125 fax

                                                                              An Equal Opportunity Employer

Subscriber’s Enhanced Online Remote Access to

Lac qui Parle County Abstract Real Estate Records - iDoc Website

To establish an online doc access account, contact Josh!



eRecord at Lac qui Parle County! 

eRecording Real Estate documents can now be accomplished at the

Lac qui Parle County Recorder’s Office through partnership with:


Simplifile   https://simplifile.com/eRecording/

CSC  http://www.erecording.com/Contact/Contact.aspx

IndeComm http://www.indecommglobal.com/erecording.html

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) http://www.erecordingpartners.net/

Nationwide Title Clearing http://www.nwtc.com/ntclink/default.aspx


Please contact the aforementioned “eVendor                   Deed               Affidavit

of your preference to establish an account and                  Mortgage        Release

begin eRecording the following instrument types:       Modification    Cancel/Revocation

                                                                                            Lien                 Appoint/Power of Att’y

                                                                                      Notice             Agreement

                                                                                      Assignment    Transfer on Death Deed


Any real estate transfer documents which require a Certificate of Real Estate Value must include an eCRV number stated on the document/deed. The Mn Dept. of Revenue no longer permits the County to accept paper CRV effective 9/30/2014. Please visit the MnDOR website: http://www.revenue.state.mn.us/CRV/Pages/eCRV.aspx  See also this helpful worksheet that may aid in collecting all the correct data for eCRV entry: eCRV data worksheet.pdf or eCRV worksheet.doc


Marriage License Application process is now ONLINE at https://moms.mn.gov/application/

            just “Start Application”, complete all fields, print your application (or capture your

            application reference number) and visit our office to complete the process!  Please

            bring your fiancé, valid/current Identification forms for you both (Driver License,

            State ID, Passport) and your pre-marital education certificate (if applicable).  More

            information is available below on this webpage.



We are now able to accept certain Credit Card Payments for most Recorder Office Services!

You may request this service by calling our office by phone if paying with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. In addition to the charges for the Recorder service/product you seek (see entire Recorder Office fee schedule below), you will also incur a “Convenience Fee” payable to the third-party vendor GovTeller when utilizing this service, as displayed by this schedule:

Consumer Convenience Fees:                 

Visa credit/debit, Master Card credit/debit = $1.50 < $60 and 2.49% for $60.01 >

Visa Signature Debit = $3.95

American Express = $3.5% + $1.50

PIN Debit = 1.50 < $50 and 2.49% for $50.01 >     

To view the Credit Card User Disclosure for Lac qui Parle County, click HERE


Fee Schedule for Recorder’s Office services:

Real Estate Recording

            Most documents                       $46.00

            PLATS                                       $56.00

            Well Disclosure Certificate         $50.00  (NOTICE THIS FEE INCREASE BECAME EFFECTIVE 7/21/2011)

                        Download form:                        http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/wells/disclosures/certificateform.pdf

                        Look up existing well filings:https://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/wells/apps/disclosures/disclaimer.cfm



Certified Copies                                   Application forms are available in our office or at the links below:                                  

Birth Certificates                        $26.00 for first copy Birth Record Application Form (.pdf)

                                                            $19.00 each additional copy Birth Record Application Form (word.doc)

Death Certificates                      $13.00 for first copy Death Record Application Form (.pdf)

                                                            $6.00 each additional copy Death Record Application Form (word.doc)

Marriage Certificates                  $9.00 each   For indexed Marriage Records, search the free database at:


Real Estate Documents             $10.00 each (Certified PLAT $15.00)      




Real Estate Records, non-certified

            In-office charge per page image of Real Estate Document Records:         $1.00/page

            In-office charge per record image of Real Estate Plats (reduced size):      $3.00/record

            Counter per-Record paper copy of Real Estate Plats (full size):                $10.00/record

                        Add certification to full-size paper copy of Plat, additional:            $5.00/record

            Fax/Email per page/image Real Estate Document Records:                       $2.00/page, max $10.00/record

            Fax/Email per-Record of Real Estate Plats:                                                 $3.00/record


            This office has a large-scale printer/scanner, up to 36” wide format. 

            We can now scan-to-file in color, or scan to print in B&W, large format material:

            Scan to file/to customer provided electronic media                                   $5.00/page

            Scan to file/to customer provided electronic media AND full size print     $10.00/page

            Print from file/from customer provided electronic media                           $10.00/page


Notary Public Commission Filing        $20.00 per Commission

Minister Credential/Ordination Filing   No Charge


Marriage License Applications                

Reduced with Pre-Marital Educ. $ 40.00 – Also requires signed Certificate of Completion

Standard Fee                             $115.00


            Click the link above to complete your application, print; then visit our office to sign and apply!

            Both Applicants must appear to sign in the presence of the County Recorder.  If one

            applicant cannot appear at our window, please compete an absentee supplement:

                        Supplement to Marriage License App - absentee (word.doc)

                        Supplement to Marriage License App - absentee (.pdf)

            Pre-Marital Educator’s Statement TEMPLATE to qualify for reduced fee application = CLICK HERE


Tax Lien Search Orders                $20.00 per Name Searched, includes report and copies for all records existing

                                                     ONLY in Lac qui Parle County records.  A tax lien search at the County will

                                                     NO LONGER produce tax lien records existing at the central database of OSS.

                                                     Under NO circumstances will the County accept UCC11 search orders.

                                                     Fillable Forms:          UCC-12 Tax Lien Search UCC- 12 Tax Lien Search


            **With exception to UCC12 tax lien search forms and UCC “Fixture Financing Statement” documents intended for Real Estate recording, effective December 1, 2014, MN County Recorders will NO LONGER ACCEPT UCC documents per directive by MN Secretary of State’s Office.  All non-Real Estate and non-Tax Lien UCC order activity must be conducted through the SOS office.  Please contact www.sos.state.mn.us or by email at ucc.dept@state.mn.us or 877-551-6767 and review the following notice issued by SOS: SOS UCC notice 2014.  LOCAL UCC NOTICE: LqP UCC NOTICE


            Current forms are still available at the web links provided below (click the form names)

UCC Fixture Financing Statements       $46.00 per recording in Real Estate - Fillable Forms:

                                                     UCC-1 Filing      UCC-1AP (Add Party)      UCC-1AD (Addendum)        

UCC Amendments in Real Estate   $46.00 per Amended Item in Real Estate - Fillable Form: UCC-3 Amendment

                                                         UCC-3AP (Add Party)        UCC-3AD (Addendum)


Passport Applicants may now contact the Lac qui Parle County Environmental Office, as they

are now accepting Passport Applications!  Please visit them or call 320-598-3132 for more

information http://lqpco.com/environment.php .  Past and future Passport Applicants may still

visit the following websites for the following additional information:

Check the STATUS of your Passport Application at PASSPORT ISSUANCE STATUS WEBPAGE

Application forms are available at the following link: PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM WEBPAGE         



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